C'mon Let's Go

from Last Songs of Winter by Marc Farre



Now it’s time to say goodbye
To the one you were, to the words that cried
Inside it’s time you know it’s time to go

Now it’s time to bid farewell
To all the things you did and you knew so well
But it’s in the past, it’s dead it’s time, let go

Now it’s time to reach into
All the things that hurt you’ve been holding on to
An old hairshirt you thought you couldn’t shed

Now’s the time that you always knew
Would come circling round and fly back to you
As you lay awake drowning in your bed

Now it’s time to say thank you
For the things you did and you didn’t do
For the life you’ve lived
You did the best you knew

Now it’s time to make that break
Between was and is and what makes you take
Your time and shake the earth that sticks to you
Now it’s time

Now it’s time to say goodbye
To the one you were to the words that died
Inside it’s time
You know it’s time to go

Now it’s time to say hello
To the one you are that you barely know
Hello hello hello c’mon let go
C’mon let’s go

Gonna hit the road
It’s time to hit the road

I’ve got my life to live, I’ve got my gifts to give
I’ve got my love for you, I’ve got my things to do
So let’s go… we’re gonna hit the road…
Time to hit the road…


from Last Songs of Winter, released February 21, 2022
Marc Farre: guitar, vocals
Hugh Hales-Tooke: electric guitar
Mark Babushkin: banjo
Saskia Lane: double bass
Bill Ruyle: drums

Produced and arranged by Marc Farre
Recorded and mixed by Al Houghton and Mike Crehore, Dubway Studios, NYC
Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound, NYC




Marc Farre Sebastopol, California

“In the company of European-influenced musicians like Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, and Nick Cave. A throaty voice, highly poetic lyrics and a kinetic band behind him. Compelling.”

— William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide


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